Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Japanese Fanta Commercial

Hello, my lovelies. I couldn't resist sharing this gem:

... it's a couple minutes long, so enjoy it in the evening, after a long, hot bath.

Gallivantin' Gal's Business Reviews

For some reviewin' fun n' the sun, please check out:

Cheers, mates!

There Seems To Be A Drain In My Brain

I possess the brain of an ancient. I still haven't figured out how to use my own blog, for christ's sake. Depressing. If anyone can tell me how to post my work (both creative and non) on the site, tell me tell me tell me now!

For the time being, I'll have to settle for posting links within the body of the posting itself. Ugh.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Never take mornings that are off to a good start for granted...

Yesterday morning before work, BEFORE coffee, two passing drivers yelled at me.

The first time it happened I was driving through an intersection in Venice, the light was green, and an old bearded hippy in a crusty car sees me talking on my cell (the only time I get a hold of my MOM is in that hour before work). He obscenely screams outta his window, "GET OFF YOUR F#$@*#* PHONE, ASSHOLE!!!" And I heard a scream yet again as we were pleasantly parting ways, but quite unfortunately, it faded into the early morning air.... "Geeeettt offff yourrrr phoonnne, aaasssssshhhooooolllle...!"

Anyhoot, as shaken and stirred as I was, I brought my conversation with my lovely mom to a prompt conclusion, parked the car, and crossed the street to grab a cup of that Groundworks coffee I needed so very dearly. Then, armed with coffee, happy, I looked both ways before crossing back over that street to get to the car. And I looked both ways. I did. Yet out of NOWHERE, this woman in a hatchback does that serial-honk thing at me, flips me off, and yells, "F#%$#%&* BITCH WATCH IT!!!" However, her windows were up, so although I didn't actually hear the kind greeting, I'm a fantastic lip-reader. I know a blasphemous outcry when I see one.

I mouthed back an apology (still defuddled as to why), waved her on, and drove into work. So commenced my Thursday day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

And so I decided to succumb to the hysteria...

I swear. There was merely a tiny slice of time between bored folks blogging, and the transformation of the entire planet into a blogging one. And I gotta say... it got pretty darn tiresome hearing everyone I know say "If you're a writer, you NEED to blog," or "What do you meeeeean, you don't have a blog? Hmm. That's odd". I'll tell you what's odd. It got pretty freakin' odd when prospective employers looking to hire a pauper writeress, such as moi, were interested in checking out my work on a BLOG.

Guess that means I'll have to get busy. Blogging. And keep that trusty day job in the meantime. So those looking to see that saucy writer's hand of mine doing its seductive magic... don't look yet! Don't do it!